8 Reasons Why You Should Have Green Roofs

Green Roofs

Green roof is a tried, tested and proven technique for urban greening. It has been gaining prominence across the globe and India has been very much a part of it. With increasing eco-consciousness architects, engineers and clients are coming forth with the need of such solutions. Here are a few reasons why green roofs are being opted for.

Extends the lifespan of a roof

Green roofs protect the membranes of the roof from thermal stress, solar radiation and mechanical impact of activities on the roof. This increases the life-span of the water-proofing layer.

The average lifespan of a water-proofing membrane increases from 15-17 years to 40+ years. This has been documented across number independent studies

Regulates Building temperature

Evapo-transpiration is a process where in the irrigated water retained in the growing medium of the green roof and loss of water from the plants (transpiration) during high temperatures reduces the heat absorbed by the roof.

Terrace gardens also reduces the load on the HVAC system and helps reduce energy consumption

Mitigates Urban heat island effect

This follows on the same science as that of evapo-transpiration to cool the building, but on a collective scale.

By implementing more green roofs in a region, the urban heat island effect can be reduced. This also improves air quality of that area and improves the quality of life of the residents of that area.

Alleviates effects of noise pollution

Roof gardens or green roofs reduce frequencies of sound entering the building, offset the need for other sound dampening technologies and provide economic benefits if noise pollution happens to be an issue for lower property value.

Increases Property value

By increasing the aesthetic value of a building, green roofs and terrace gardens increase the property value. Green roofs also provide a functional area which can further be used in numerous ways to add value to the premises

Reduces stormwater run-off

Stormwater run-offs can be a cause of flooding and water-body contamination in many cities. Sudden increase in discharge of rainwater draining from the roof-tops can be reduced by green roofs.

The growing media has the ability to retain the rainwater for a certain amount of time, this holding period is important as it reduces the load on sudden influx on the drain system. The frequency and intensity of rainfall in each city is to be understood before the stormwater run-off benefits of a terrace garden can be calculated.

All said and done, green roofs are needed on each building for the numerous benefits

Improves solar panel efficacy

The process of evapo-transpiration of a green roof reduces the temperature of the surrounding area. Solar panels’ efficiency is reduced when the temperatures are high.

The reduced temperature due to evapo-transpiration improves the efficiency of the solar panels. Hence, a combined solution of solar panels and green roofs is an ideal marriage for green building rooftops.

Creates a usable functional area, amenity space or for revenue generation

To fully utilize a property space, the rooftop needs to be converted to a green roof. Not only does a well designed terrace garden provide a functional space for amenities, the rooftop garden can also be utilized for urban farming. Opening parks, cafes and rooftop lounges also provides alternate revenue generation streams for the building.

While the advantages of green roofs are numerous, design and construction of a green roof should be done by an agency with sufficient knowledge, experience and training.

Leakages, structural damages to the roof or short life-span of the plants should be avoided at all costs. Thankfully, Vertvista brings in all the requirements to guide a project from its pre-design to design and from contracting till the post installation and thereafter maintenance of the green roof. If you need guidance at any stage of the project, do get in touch with us!

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