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Today people are well aware of the need to protect the environment. Consumers appreciate the brands that are environmentally responsible and believe in the power of green. This very attitude gave birth to the hot trend of ‘going green’.

Psychologically, green branding promotes clarity of the mind and the balancing of our emotions. Green is highly associated with nature and health, encouraging a sense of compassion, kindness and nurturing. Differ shades of green connote different expressions. For example, the lighter side of the colour indicates freshness and growth while the darker shades of the colour green relate to prestige and wealth.

Green Branding

There are several ways of letting your brand make a statement. One of them is by getting green facelift. You can start with covering your lobby with plants or featuring an impactful green wall at the entrance of your workplace. By doing this you covey your brand’s commitment towards environment and sustainable practices.

Bring Your Brand To Life

The following elements can seamlessly add the touch of green to your workplace and bring your brand values to life.

Vertical Green Walls:

It is an innovative way of bringing nature indoors. These walls occupy minimum space but are as effective as a conventional garden. The walls are designed to improve indoor air quality and observe about 85% of pollutants. From reducing the heat levels to absorbing indoor noise, these green walls do it all. Even maintaining these walls is extremely easy. All it needs is watering once or twice in a week for 2-3 minutes. It is as simple as turning a tap on & off.

Indoor Plants:

Indoor Plants add a soothing touch to the overall ambience. Apart from this, they play a very important part in our daily life by making the environment healthy & pollution free for us.

So go ahead, incorporate green in you branding. Because when you do that you establish yourself as a sustainable company, one that cares about conservation and responsible business practices in addition to making a profit.

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